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Inspire Transformation ("IT")  is creating sustainable social improvement around the globe by identifying and supporting local leaders to establish team and community-based programs. These programs use sports, music, counseling, and other culturally relevant activities as catalyst to bring about positive social change.

Inspire Transformation strives to train its partners with the skills to locally sustain these entities long after its tenure.  IT believes in collaboration, the sharing of resources, and the sharing of knowledge are vital in order to inspire transformation.  IT has joined forces with other organizations to inspire transformation. Ultimately, the goal is long-term success.  

When we leave, we want to leave a legacy in the community and that legacy will be seen through our capital projects and partner organizations flourishing without us.  

So how do we plan to accomplish this?  Learn more abut our approach, Train to Sustain, click here. 

Inspire Transformation Locations & Partner Organization Qualifications (Summary):

  1. Do you aspire to create sustainable social improvement within their community?
  2. Is there a plan to use sport, music, counseling or other culturally-relevant activities to inspire positive sustainable social change?
  3. Is the project located in an area of low economic development?
  4. What is the unemployment rate?
  5. Is HIV prevalent in the community?
  6. Is rape, child abuse, or domestic violence rampant in the community?
  7. Do you aspire to bring organized youth sports into the community?
  8. Are you working to create a safe environment?

To learn about Inspire Transformation's flagship partner organizations, click here.