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Established by local leaders in 2011, Nkomazi Sports Club is creating sustainable social improvement by:

  • Bringing organized youth sport into the community
  • Building a sustainable team-based platform that inspires and unites the community to challenge the community's social issues and brings about positive social change
  • Creating a safe environment where aspiring student-athletes have an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to improve their daily lives

Nkomazi Sports Club aims to achieve the following:

  • Identify, engage, and educate future leaders
  • Provide opportunities for aspiring and dedicated student-athletes and coaches
  • Provide life-skills education
  • Develop facilities suitable for the game
  • Grow the respective sports and create a competitive and safe environment
  • Create an improved player identification and player-scouting system
  • Keep participants off the streets and away from drugs and violence.

Inspire Transformation & Nkomazi Sports Club

With Inspire Transformation's support, Nkomazi Sports Club will be able to offer the first organized, professionally run sports program for youth in Nkomazi. Best of all, no child has to pay to play.

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