Masisukumeni is a flagship project for Inspire Transformation.

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Located in Nkomazi district of Mpumalanga, South Africa, Masisukumeni is working to eradicate violence and discrimination against women and children and prevent HIV/AIDS by providing counseling, information, education and paralegal services to survivors of gender related violence and to the wider community. 

The Vision

Masisukumeni envisions a community where there is no discrimination against women and children on the basis of gender shaped by oppressive socio-cultural beliefs and practices, and women and girls are empowered to be free and safe to live their own lives. It is Masisukumeni's hope to one day have: 

  • A community where there are no AIDS orphans and where those in need are provided with shelter and loving care.
  • A society in which the caring professions are committed to treating everyone equally and without stigma and in which every woman, man and child is treated with respect and dignity.
  • In short, a society in which human rights and equality are the daily norm.

Inspire Transformation and Masisukumeni

With Inspire Transformation's support, Masisukumeni can devote even more resources to expanding their services throughout the region. Support includes:

  • Professional resources and training
  • Counseling education and techniques
  • In-kind donations such as:
    • Clothing for infants, children, middle-age, and senior women.  
    • Educational toys for children.
    • Rape Survivor's Care Pack - When a woman goes to the hospital for a forensic examination, Masisukumeni provides them with a Rape Survivor Pack.  A survivor pack includes soap, feminine products, body lotion, deodorant, washcloth, toothbrush and toothpaste.   
  • Identifying long term donors and supporters

Inspire Transformation's Legacy Project with Masisukumeni

Inspire Transformation will be launching a capital campaign to build a shelter for Masisukumeni in April 2014.  The shelter would be used by women and children survivors of rape, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. More information to be posted in the coming weeks.  

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